APRÈS SKI  (Barcelona, Spain)

Après Ski is a jewelry line designed and produced in Barcelona. Founded by Lucía Vergara in 2009, the brand identifies with the vintage aesthetic, actually, most of their pieces are born of old materials. Halfway between naive and romantic, casual and modern, the inspiration for Après Ski focuses mainly on nature and geometry that translate into their beautiful earrings and necklaces.

BLEU DE PANAME (Paris, France)

Bleu de Paname is a french contemporary menswear brand founded by Christophe Lepine and Thomas Giorgetti in 2009. The brand offers garments based on the idea of contemporary updated versions of french workwear. The duo pull inspirations for their collections from streetwear, traditional, military and civilian clothing to produce locally high quality and durable garments.

BONNE MAISON (Lyon, France)

Béatrice de Crécy & Jean-Gabriel Huez created Bonne Maison in 2012. Socks quickly became their canvas to create designs inspired from all angles of life. Each collection tells a story, following a specific theme through various designs and patterns, transforming the everyday sock to a wearable art form. Their socks are woven from the highest quality egyptian cotton using traditional spinning techniques in Italy.

FOX HAUS (Sevilla, Spain)

Fox Haus is a very young brand born in the south of Spain in 2015. What started as an environmentally conscious underwear label for men, soon increased the product lines to shirting, trousers and outwear and eliminated gender and stereotypes to fit their garments to both men and women. Their collections only use natural fibers like linen, cotton and silk and are locally produced in Southern Spain and Portugal.

HEMEN BIARRITZ (Biarritz, France)

Hemen, means «here» in Basque language. This genuine label designs underwear with personality and isn’t shy about its mission to keep alive the traditions surrounding the Basque culture and its history. Understated but not basic, the range of nostalgic and unique undergarments by Hemen are designed in the famous city of Biarritz in organic cotton, without harming our environment.

LA PAZ (Porto, Portugal)

La Paz is a menswear label inspired by the Atlantic, its people and traditions. We stock it since it was born, and we are particularly fond of it. Each collection continues to conquer us with its character and quality. They work in a straight relationship with some of the best local manufacturers, crossing their knowledge with a single approach to the design and the making of timeless and durable goods.

LE MONT SAINT MICHEL (Mont Saint-Michel, France)

Established in 1913, Le Mont Saint Michel is a brand with a long history. First known for its everlasting workwear and knitwear, generation after generation the brand has evolved into a modern fashion label, yet in line with its legacy. The brand's headquarters are still located in the same location at the French Brittany, where they meticulously store decades of textile archives. A treasure they revisit and inspires each new collection.

MAISON LABICHE (Paris, France)

Maison Labiche was born in Paris in 2011, since its inception, the concept of the brand was simple: to make basic and quality garments with personalized embroideries. Each embroidery is sewn by hand, making each piece unique. Inspired by myths from past or current times, each garment is a small tribute to characters like Kurt Cobain, Elvis or Blondie.

MERZ B. SCHWANEN (Berlin, Germany)

The company was founded originally in 1911 in the Swabian Alps and worked for several decades before closing. In 2010, Peter Plotnicki discovered the factory full of authentic circular knitting machines from the 1920s to 60s, crusted with dust, but completely intact. So he decided to revive these machines in order to fabricate new, but traditionally made circular knit ware with good and sustainable materials, passion, heart and soul. 

MUSGO REAL (Porto, Portugal)

First launched in the 1930s, the Musgo Real line is still made by Claus Porto for almost 100 years now and it remains a classic found in portuguese houses over several generations. The brand retains its classic aesthetic, while the products have kept the rich formula in their amazing soaps and colognes.

NORSE PROJECTS (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Norse Projects collections of mens and womenswear have a recognizable scandinavian touch: clean, basic and functional. The project, which is defined as a study that develops projects around art, design and functionality, produces its garments in the best workshops in Europe (mainly Italy and Portugal) always taking care of every detail and with great quality.


A family tradition of many years in shirt making lead the brothers António and Manuel Magalhães to the creation of Portuguese Flannel. Proud of the knowledge of the portuguese craftsmanship, their shirts are manufactured the traditional way by master artisans in the old towns of northern Portugal. Their inspiration comes from genuine people from both the coast and mountains, with brave and challenging ways of living.


Founded in Paris in 2010, Royalties socks merge british codes and a typical french touch. A collection of refined socks with style, distinction and very good quality. According to Royalties philosophy, the production is entirely made in France by a company run by the same family since 1938 and all their yarns come from Italy. The inspiration of the brand goes from the Ivy League culture to the british lords eccentric aesthetic.

SAINT JAMES (Normandy, France)

Born in 1889, Saint James has been a staple in the wardrobe of fishermen and sailors for more than a century. Their unique know-how and tradition, born in the mills of the bay of Mont Saint Michel, allows them to continue manufacturing sturdy and durable nautical garments in the spirit of their origins. Their breton striped t-shirts and sweaters are a timeless classic for men and women and a national icon for generations.

STEVE MONO (Madrid, Spain)

Steve Mono is a contemporary spanish brand founded in 2007 on the idea of reinterpreting classic bags for a modern lifestyle. Crafted by artisans with the finest leather, the brand takes its inspiration from travel, office culture and old movies aesthetics to design timeless, functional and sustainable leather goods for everyday and every journey.

SUNAD (Madrid, Spain)

A shirt-only spanish brand based out of Madrid. Sunad believes in bringing back timeless classics using only natural fibers. Focusing on design, craftsmanship and working with a slow fashion philosophy, all their garments are designed, cut and assembled in Spain. Sunad is a play on masculinity and femininity through form and color, evoking the free spirit of the 70's with a contemporary twist.

TCN (Barcelona, Spain)

One of the most recognized brands in Spain, TCN was established in 1986 as a swimwear and lingerie label. Over the years, it incorporated ready-to-wear that is now the core of the collection. Currently, after the retirement of its founder, a new creative direction has taken over to refresh the brand and develop more contemporary creations with great quality and constant references to the lingerie heritage of the brand.